Friday, May 25, 2012

Moving!!! Kind of..

This blog will be incorporated into my hair and makeup blogs to create one HUGE blog!!

The site will still be located at

Its just that since this blog has no followers yet the url will be switched from this blog to

Both the makeup and beautyandthebabies blog have already been imported into the hair blog.
The URL will has been switched over TODAY.

So in Summary:

This blog used to be beauty and the babies. It is now until that address get redirected.

Natural hair growth journey is now - Beauty and the Babies

Very soon and will no longer be used.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vitamins and update.

I have been very good about taking my vits everyday. I might miss a day here and there but never more than 2 and I always pick it back up.
I ran out of EPO 2 weeks ago, so I am going to have to restock on that pretty soon but I keep forgetting.
Other than that its been great!

Im still juicing although not daily like before but its still a big part. I have been adding flaxseeds to my juices because flax is just so good for you!
I have found that the flaxseed oil bloats me so I eat the raw, organic seeds. Just grind them up and mix them into the juice or any foods. They do give a nice flavor and texture.

I have added daily running to my regimen, which has given significant results! I have asthma so I had to start off slow. I started off with walking for 20min everyday and then worked up a faster pace everyday. Then increased the amount of time every day as well.

Right now I am running or walking at a brisk pace for about 30min everyday.

My stomach is completely flat, although I still have a layer of fat it is going down everyday and I look great.

All the weight I put on over the holidays is pretty much gone.

Now I am working on toning my belly and arms.

Pilates and yoga...

Saturday, May 19, 2012


I was leaving the grocery store one day and came across this!

How amazing is it to see a family of geese strolling through like that. So special.

I love how the parents were so protective of the babies. They wouldnt let anyone come near them!

Luckily i was able to snap a few shots...